Edition of editorial vs. bilingual edition: what is the difference?

The translation process has, in general, three steps: translation,editing and revision. In the first, translates from scratch the original text into the target language; in the second, a control of that translation is made, and in the third, only the translated text is reviewed to ensure its fluidity and correction. We can say, then, that the second step of the process is a bilingual edition, given that working with two languages.

The bilingual edition, what makes the editor is correct translated text and compare it with the source text. The idea is to improve the text of arrival and ensure that is faithful to the original, that is make a proper use of the language and that suits the market and culture that will be used. Bilingual editor can correct spelling issues (tildes, capital letters, etc) and grammatical, change the order of the elements within a sentence and, at most, two or three sentences together to better organize the text, but not much more than that. It is clear that you …
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